If the worst happens and your hard drive fails Repairwise has partnered with an Advanced Data recovery company to give you the best possible chance at Data recovery.

Their highly skilled engineers and knowledgeable customer service team combine to provide the best service possible. All of their staff have been working in the data recovery industry for many years and have experience supporting home users to multi-national corporations. Our commitment to R&D, technical skills and customer service has established us as a company you can trust and rely on. They pride ourselves on keeping up with technology changes and consistently delivering a market leading service at an affordable price.

Your data recovery will be handled in a secure and confidential environment. Having recovered data for Banks, Government Institutions and Agencies, Corporations and Manufacturers and major high street retailers, we know the importance of security and discretion.

Fixed recovery prices


Rig based recovery using bespoke tools. (For all capacities) – £140 (Inc. VAT)


Extended engineering, microsoldering, firmware, board changes, and head work without donor. (For all capacities) – £270 (Inc. VAT)

Advanced Plus

Head work with donor components and chip level recoveries (For capacities up to 4TB) – £370 (Inc. VAT)

Advanced Plus HC

Head work with donor components and chip level recoveries (For capacities over 4TB) – £470 (Inc. VAT)

Conditional charges

These charges will only apply under the relevant circumstances.

Inbound carriage – DPD direct collection – £19 (Inc. VAT)

Inbound carriage – DPD drop-off location £10 (Inc. VAT)

Outbound carriage – DPD direct delivery – £10 (Inc. VAT)

Outbound carriage – DPD drop-off location – £10 (Inc. VAT)

Secure destroy after recovery attempt with certificate – Free

Non-refundable charge for tampered and opened drives – £60 (Inc. VAT)

Optional media prices

You can provide us with your own media to recover your data to, providing it is new or has been wiped of all data. Alternatively you can purchase media directly from us.

1TB External HDD encrypted – £50 (Inc. VAT)

2TB External HDD encrypted – £70 (Inc. VAT)

4TB External HDD encrypted – £90 (Inc. VAT)